Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter 7 (no spoilers)

I did read and finish the last Harry Potter book. It took me about 9 hours to read, it's a fat book but also a real page-turner, like the earlier books in the series.

I really like reading serialized novels since I like to get lost in the world that is invented. Harry Potter of course exemplifies this ideal, (which is also partly why they were such a hit, I think) and I am sad to know that the world, and Harry's story, ends here. That is always the case with me. Narnia, Lord of the Rings, The Golden Compass trilogy, the Death Gate Cycle, and the Otherland books have all done this to me to varying degrees. Luckily I enjoy re-reading books, so I can go ahead and revisit these lands whenever I want; but it is never quite the same.

Anyway, HP7 was well done. To keep this area relatively spoiler free, I will resist saying more. I'll just say it was just as satisfying and exciting as the others, and followed much the same formula. I think I could have done without the epilogue though.


jacqueline said...

I'm looking forward to cracking open (and finishing ofcourse) my HP7 book. When that day comes, we will enjoy chatting about the many aspects of the book we find interesting. Until then, thank you for not spoiling the experience!!

jacqueline said...

ok, I've finished, and sure enough we've had a nice conversation about the various things we've found interesting.

I have to admit tho, that I still feel bad posting any of the points I'd like to talk about publicly, as I think there should be some things kept secret until you've read it yourself. HP7 really does lend itself to that sense of the rite of passage...

... read it and you will understand.