Monday, June 4, 2007

not a book

This is a review not of a book, but of my mom's new blog,Scarlet Jinn, "Songwriting, Singing, and Views from the Hologram". Now I might be biased, since she is my mom after all, but she is an excellent singer and has always had neat, weird, totally trippy ideas. I think it's great that she's started writing them down, there are some really creative trains of thought that she gets into. She then puts these ideas to music and the result is unique rock with lyrics that go beyond the usual boy-meets-girl or whatever. Worth checking out, and if you get a chance to see her perform live, you won't be disappointed.

Oh, and she also does web design for creative types and has a online store that sells feng shui items, crystals, and other mystical gear.


jacqueline said...

I can attest to the seeing-her-live experience.

She rocks!

Scarlet said...

What a great review - who could ask for more? You are the greatest!!!

Oh and your other reviews are very insightful, brilliant, and cool too. :-)

bias? what bias?