Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I can't finish non-fiction/Origin

Apparently I'm incapable of finishing non-fiction books. I was reading Kitchen Confidential, which I mentioned a few days ago, and then I suddenly lost interest. I have like 50 pages to go, and I just ... don't care. I've read 1.5 other novels since I put it down.

I finished "An Abundance of Katherines" and now I'm halfway through "Origin", one of my free books from the ALA midwinter conference that I got. Man, those free books are some excellent books, I have to say. I think the publishers picked the cream of the crop to give away; as a marketing move it's pretty brilliant. This one is a mystery, written in the first person by a woman who is a fingerprint specialist at the police, but she's not all quite stable mentally...
some of her observations in the book are very intense. She focuses on odd details, smells, the move of a person's finger, the direction of the wind. It's very unusual and quite captivating. I'm almost unconcerned about the mystery of the plot because the character solving it is so ... mysterious. I'm sure it's done on purpose. Very well done so far.

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